Intro to Human Design

If you don’t know much about Human Design, or you do and want to hear my voice and how I talk about it, this 4-part Mini Course is a great pressure-free way to get started. I love this information, and I love sharing it. I have had a few teachers, myself, and everyone has their unique style and perspective. This is a great way to get to know mine.

When you sign up, here’s what you’ll get…

1. How to Listen: a short video that helps you listen to provides the context for engaging with the information in the Mini Course.

2. What’s Your Aura Type: Aura Type gives you insight into how it’s best for you to engage with life so that personal power increases and resistance decreases. It also offers a view into your big-picture role in life. Are you a “builder” (Generator), a “guide” (Projector), an “initiator” (Manifestor) or are you someone here to “reflect” back the health of the community (Reflector)?

3. Inner Authority: Inner authority is the key to navigating the every day (and big) decisions in life. Joan offers you a brief overview of the 7 possible authorities, and gives you insight into how to start to tune in to yours.

4. Conditioning, What You’re Here to Learn About in Life: Where we are open in our Designs we are susceptible to outside influences. We call this conditioning. Conditioning isn’t inherently bad. It’s only when you identify with it that it causes problems. Awareness is key here.

Joan delivers this information through both “live” and educational videos.  There will be 2 days between each segment in the Mini-Course to give you some time to watch each video.

At the end of the Course, Joan will invite you to a free 30-Minute introduction Your Design, and answer any questions you have about what you learned. No you don’t have to. Human Design is ALL about your authority. It starts here. If you’re called to talk to Joan? Great. Not called to talk to Joan, also great.

Do You Have a Copy of Your Human Design Chart?

If you don’t already have your Human Design chart, you’ll receive a link to get it in the first email for the course. You’ll definitely want to have a  copy before you start listening to the series. When you get your chart you’ll receive information about your Type, Strategy and Inner Authority.

After you’ve confirmed your request for the 4-part Intro to Human Design Mini Course you’ll immediately receive the first video, How to Listen.

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