Sacral Questions for Emotional Generators?

Many of my business clients have been emotionally defined generators (Most are manifesting generators, too. Surprise, surprise!) Yes/no questions won’t give you the same level of certainty as they can for pure sacral generators. However, I have heard emotionally defined generators respond to yes/no questions, and the sounds are beautiful, almost melodic.

Can you benefit from yes/no questions?

Emotional Definition - No Truth in the Now

Yes/no questions on basic life topics (food preferences, work likes and dislikes, etc.) can help you tune into your sacral response. But, remember, this only gives you an indicator of what you feel about something at that moment. It doesn’t point to what is ultimately correct for you.

The questions I would ask a generator with solar plexus definition will have a slightly different flavor than what I’d ask a “pure” generator or manifesting generator. I’d ask questions to help you detect how you feel about something, what your mood is, and if you are available – or not – for certain things in your life.

NOTE: If you’re emotionally defined the main thing to remember is that there is no truth in the now. You need time to get clear about how you feel about something, and if something is correct for you, or not.

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