30-Minute Intro Chat

Hello! I’m glad you decided to take me up on my 30-minute overview of your Design. I’ll introduce you to your Aura Type, which shows us something about your big-picture role in this life, as well as the healthy strategy for engaging with the world. I’ll give you some guidance about how to tap into the brilliant inner guidance system that aligns you to your unique direction and purpose, and talk briefly about what could take you off track. (We can see this in your Design, too. It’s remarkably accurate.)

You can start using this information right away!

If you’d like to get a copy of your Human Design body graph before we talk, here’s a link where you can do that. It’s free! If you were born in the United States, when you enter Country information type in USA and then scroll down the menu to select the State you were born in.

NOTE: I am asking for your birth data here so I can run your Human Design Chart on my software. I’ll not be sharing this with anyone else. That’s a promise.