A Road Map for Your Life

Each and every one of us has our place and purpose in this life, a unique contribution to make to the greater whole. When you try to be something that you are not, your light does not get to shine and the world does not get to experience the benefits of what you truly have to offer. Neither do you.

What might it be like to stop looking outside yourself for confirmation of your direction in life?
What if you knew what you could trust – and what you cannot – confident that your decisions are the best decisions for you?

Your Unique Human Design Chart:

• Is a detailed road map – a reliable blueprint – of what you’re here to “be” and experience in this life.

• Furthermore, it shows you, very precisely, what you can rely on for making healthy, empowered decisions. That place is a very specific frequency in your body that “knows.”

• It shows you where you are most susceptible to being conditioned away from your true self, and how your mind has been able to hijack you away from your true nature. It’s not that the mind is bad – it has its role – it’s simply not a reliable decision-maker.

When you comprehend your Design you gain access to guidance about how to live the life you were designed for, and to know yourself deeply, not as who you think you are, but as you actually are. Awareness of your operating “type” and “strategy” puts you in the present, able to make clear decisions about anything that applies to you as a conscious being.

Do without doing and everything gets done. ~ Lao Tzu

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