My Adventure with Human Design

My name is Joan (Raven) Friedlander. I’ve been “experimenting” with and learning about what it is to live as a Generator for 11-plus years. It has been quite an adventure, one that has taken me in directions I never imagined for myself. I have found it to be both confronting and liberating.

I had always felt a pull towards living in harmony with and trusting life. That was definitely not my heritage, but this yearning lived in me. Through this education, through learning how to tune into my own authority, I have been able to do what I was already drawn to: to let go of the reins and live more in flow.

On Creativity and Movement and Response

In 2013 I moved to Sedona, Arizona to live on my own for a while (3 years as it turns out), essentially taking a deep dive into the education, and a developing a new relationship with myself. It was joyous. A few months after arriving, I started shooting and producing videos for a couple of Human Design teachers in the area. For 2 of those years I was completely immersed in the creation of the Human Design Unleashed video and web show project with John Martin. That engagement came to an end and then I was in a pause “moment,” 18 months of pause to be exact! I moved to Colorado to rejoin my husband and my energy tanked.

That’s when I really got just how important Place is to someone with an open G center. (Right place, right people, wrong place wrong people, even if you’re married to them!) I returned to Arizona, where I stayed for a couple of years, until the next mutation!

I left the Sedona, Arizona area at the end of July 2020, smack in the middle of this ridiculous locked-down situation without a destination, only “knowing” in my being that my time there was done. I set out on a road trip with one “commitment,” to only land when I got a clear Yes response. That response landed me in Portland, Oregon. And now, in this now, I’m back working with John Martin once again.


Prior to and during my early years with Human Design I’ve been coaching “atypical” business owners and professionals, brilliant people who came to realize that they couldn’t build a successful business doing things the way everyone else does. For the first 10 years of my coaching business I created a good handful of tools to help independent entrepreneurs build a business that enables them to do the work they most enjoy in a way that is healthy for Them. The more I engage with Human Design, the more I see how useful a tool it is for helping my clients make healthy decisions for their business and their life, learning to trust their inner guidance. 

In 2019 I started a project called Your Chapter Next, for women in midlife and beyond coming out of marriage after years with their former spouse. It’s quite a thing to liberate yourself from the conditioning of our world, and within the “coupledom,” itself. It’s shocking to the system. Yet, if your soul/spirit called you out, there you are!  To navigate life as your empowered self is such an adventure … and it’s a big time adjustment.

You’ve given me so many tools over the many years we’ve worked together. Being able to tune in, take the time I need to make good decisions – and trust how I feel about things – has been priceless.” ~ Owner, Fee-Only Financial Advisory Firm

Human Design Keynotes

A 6/2 Profile (Role Model/Hermit)
Pure Generator
Left angle Cross of the Clarion

I carry 2 channels, the 35/57 (self-empowered survival through response) and the 17/62 (an organizational being) … here to shock people ready to be shocked with the details of my inspiration and intuitive knowing. I’m told mine is such a gentle shock that you might not know what hit you until later.

I don’t know if I should love your or hate you for sharing this information with me. ~ S.D