Generator Signature: Satisfaction not Recognition?

Several weeks ago I was reminded me that my only concern as a Generator is whether I’m “satisfied” or not. I was reminded of this when I sheepishly complained about not getting recognition for my efforts. I can’t even remember what I was grousing about at that moment in time but it doesn’t matter.

Even as I write this my mind is confused. “What do you mean that being ‘recognized’ is none of my concern?” To only be here for my personal satisfaction (the Generator “true self” signature), seems like the most selfish, useless reason for existing…to my mind! Continue reading

Starting with Basics | Generators and Projectors


Human Design GeneratorAbout 70% of human beings are Generators. Generators are said to be the natural workers of the world. Their aura is open and enveloping and they attract life to them. Notice I said “attract life to them.” What are most people doing? They are going after life! The Generator need not go after life, they are life.

The healthy “strategy” for the Generator is to “wait.” Wait for what? Wait for life to come your way. How is that possible, you might wonder? Nothing will happen! Continue reading

Response is Specific

A couple of months ago, after I finished crocheting a poncho for myself, a friend asked me if I would make one for her. She rarely asks for anything and I was happy to do it. She gave me the yarn and I got started. Around this time, she’d also said something about writing up and selling the pattern for the poncho in the store where she works. I thought, “OK,” but it was not really that important to me and I did not commit one way or the other.

About a week after I’d started working on it, I got a weird feeling, that she asked me to make it for her but she really wanted me to make it for the store to go with my pattern. Notice, I opened by saying that she rarely asks for things, so missing that cue is on me. Continue reading

Emotional Authority | No Truth in the Now

 In a world where get-it-done now is the norm, I can only imagine what Emotionally defined humans (Generator, Projectors or Manifestors) must contend with when they first decide to experiment with “waiting through their wave” for clarity. However, I have witnessed the positive difference it can make when emotional beings give themselves the time they need to feel their way through a decision. Continue reading

The Shock of my 1st Human Design Reading

I guess it’s a good thing I’m designed to withstand a little shock in my life (Personality Sun in the 51st gate). When I got my first reading in October 2009, and then started to actually absorb the “news,” it WAS shocking. Everything I’d been trained to do to be successful, and everything I was helping others do for the same result, was challenged.

First of all, what is so special about being similar to about 70% of the people on the planet? Plus, who wants to be a Generator; I’d rather be a Manifestor! Too bad. Continue reading