Experimenting with Waiting | In the Beginning

experimenting with waiting - human designI was a relatively successful business coach when I learned about my Design. It was suggested to me that I start very simply, to practice “waiting” in traffic when driving my car, and in grocery store lines. OK, that could be fun, but what about my business? In business, we are taught that it’s up to us to make things happen, and so I was curious about how this would work in real life.

I started to experiment with “waiting” at networking events. I already had a policy to only attend events that I was drawn to. I added one more ingredient. Continue reading

Sacral Questions for Emotional Generators?

Many of my business clients have been emotionally defined generators (Most are manifesting generators, too. Surprise, surprise!) Yes/no questions won’t give you the same level of certainty as they can for pure sacral generators. However, I have heard emotionally defined generators respond to yes/no questions, and the sounds are beautiful, almost melodic.

Can you benefit from yes/no questions?

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Open Solar Plexus – Hiding my True Self

In a discussion about the “not-self” qualities of the open centers, the person leading my Living Your Design program mentioned that anyone with an Undefined Solar Plexus center is likely to hide some aspects of their truth from people so as not to have to confront the feared judgments or persecution from others. (She didn’t say this last part; they’re my words.)

I got this one locked down when I was a teenager – if not earlier – when it became apparent that my parents would not like to know what I was REALLY up to. This sounds typical of many teenagers, but I have to be honest and say that this self-preservation mechanism is alive and well today. It can seep into the simplest interactions if there’s any (perceived) threat that I’ll be judged or dismissed or completely rejected. Continue reading

Is the Projector Here to Guide the Generator?

Generator Projector relationshipThis is one of the generalizations about Type relationships in the Human Design system. I took it at face value when I first read this but I’m not sure this is absolutely correct. It takes a lot to hold this up, and not all of it healthy. It suggests that:

  • The Generator’s response mechanism, their sacral response, is not sufficient as a guide for their life.
  • The Emotional Generator’s emotional guidance can’t be trusted.
  • The Projector exists FOR the Generator.
  • It’s a lopsided, uni-directional relationship

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