An Overview of the G Center

the G Center is the center of the Self

It’s all about direction, identity and love. We have all been conditioned to go looking for these things. It matters not if the center is Defined or it’s Undefined in your chart, no need to LOOK. In this video I talk about the healthy and not-healthy states on both sides of the equation.

This overview of the G Center was originally recorded in a Living Your Design Guide training class I participated in. It was one of my 2 practice presentations.  This presentation offers a peek into this amazing center, and into what I would cover in a full-on Living Your Design class.

The Open G Center Giving me Grief

Open G Center Human DesignThe Open G got a huge rattling these past couple of months once I SAW the degree to which my life has been oriented towards “the other.” Love and direction. Hahaha.

The affects of the conditioning feels more devastating – for me – than the undefined Ego (it’s like a little annoying gnat in comparison). ALL of the initial conditioning, that which had me latch onto people and suffer tremendously when they rejected me, starts with the Open G. Continue reading