Response connected to the Splenic center – 34-57 in Action

I love learning, I love refinement. And, for this reason, learning Human Design, how it works in others, and how it works in me, offers a seemingly infinite source of exploration and discovery about one my favorite topics, the mystery of human beings. Case in point…I have been aware since learning my design that my Sacral center ( and therefore my inner authority) is connected to the Splenic center. (34/57). I have been aware of the keynotes of that channel, too. Recenty, a new aspect of this was pointed out to me, and life helped me integrate the truth of it. Here’s what happened.

34-57 channel, Archetype of being HumanI was asked what it was like to have this channel, this link between the Sacral center (response in the now) and the Splenic center (instinct and intuition, survival in the now). I fumbled through my answer, partly because I had been mentally focused on my own question about the other activated gates in the Sacral center. What I said at the time is true; my energy is happy when I have something to focus on and can get absorbed in something that I enjoy doing. Continue reading

An Overview of the G Center

the G Center is the center of the Self

It’s all about direction, identity and love. We have all been conditioned to go looking for these things. It matters not if the center is Defined or it’s Undefined in your chart, no need to LOOK. In this video I talk about the healthy and not-healthy states on both sides of the equation.

This overview of the G Center was originally recorded in a Living Your Design Guide training class I participated in. It was one of my 2 practice presentations.  This presentation offers a peek into this amazing center, and into what I would cover in a full-on Living Your Design class.

Knowing your Design is not the Same as Living It

A lot of people “think” they get it, but knowing your (Human) Design and living it are just not the same. This I have learned in spades, especially this last year.

Like most people, when I learned about Human Design – and mine specifically – I gobbled the information. I still love it – in that there is so much there that gives context to what is happening as I move through this experiment – but the information is not THE Thing. There are no short cuts on this path. Continue reading

Starting with Basics | Generators and Projectors


Human Design GeneratorAbout 70% of human beings are Generators. Generators are said to be the natural workers of the world. Their aura is open and enveloping and they attract life to them. Notice I said “attract life to them.” What are most people doing? They are going after life! The Generator need not go after life, they are life.

The healthy “strategy” for the Generator is to “wait.” Wait for what? Wait for life to come your way. How is that possible, you might wonder? Nothing will happen! Continue reading

The Shock of my 1st Human Design Reading

I guess it’s a good thing I’m designed to withstand a little shock in my life (Personality Sun in the 51st gate). When I got my first reading in October 2009, and then started to actually absorb the “news,” it WAS shocking. Everything I’d been trained to do to be successful, and everything I was helping others do for the same result, was challenged.

First of all, what is so special about being similar to about 70% of the people on the planet? Plus, who wants to be a Generator; I’d rather be a Manifestor! Too bad. Continue reading