What is Human Design and how Do I Use It?

A couple of people recently asked me how I use Human Design in my own life, and to describe in more detail what this is. I can’t easily answer these questions because they are unanswerable within the framework that most people ask. I don’t use Human Design to get what I want, or what I think I want. At this point I have only 2 goals:

  1. To do my best to wait for life to come my way, using my body’s authority as a Generator to guide my movement.
  2. To “keep still” in the face of the madness my mind throws at me to get me to do otherwise.

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Is the Projector Here to Guide the Generator?

Generator Projector relationshipThis is one of the generalizations about Type relationships in the Human Design system. I took it at face value when I first read this but I’m not sure this is absolutely correct. It takes a lot to hold this up, and not all of it healthy. It suggests that:

  • The Generator’s response mechanism, their sacral response, is not sufficient as a guide for their life.
  • The Emotional Generator’s emotional guidance can’t be trusted.
  • The Projector exists FOR the Generator.
  • It’s a lopsided, uni-directional relationship

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