Knowing your Design is not the Same as Living It

A lot of people “think” they get it, but knowing your (Human) Design and living it are just not the same. This I have learned in spades, especially this last year.

Like most people, when I learned about Human Design – and mine specifically – I gobbled the information. I still love it – in that there is so much there that gives context to what is happening as I move through this experiment – but the information is not THE Thing. There are no short cuts on this path. Continue reading

Experimenting with Waiting | In the Beginning

experimenting with waiting - human designI was a relatively successful business coach when I learned about my Design. It was suggested to me that I start very simply, to practice “waiting” in traffic when driving my car, and in grocery store lines. OK, that could be fun, but what about my business? In business, we are taught that it’s up to us to make things happen, and so I was curious about how this would work in real life.

I started to experiment with “waiting” at networking events. I already had a policy to only attend events that I was drawn to. I added one more ingredient. Continue reading

What is Human Design and how Do I Use It?

A couple of people recently asked me how I use Human Design in my own life, and to describe in more detail what this is. I can’t easily answer these questions because they are unanswerable within the framework that most people ask. I don’t use Human Design to get what I want, or what I think I want. At this point I have only 2 goals:

  1. To do my best to wait for life to come my way, using my body’s authority as a Generator to guide my movement.
  2. To “keep still” in the face of the madness my mind throws at me to get me to do otherwise.

Continue reading