As a certified Living Your Design Guide I can introduce you to your unique Human Design body graph, and help with the practical aspects of how to integrate this into your life today. I offer insight into what you’re looking at when you words such as Type, Strategy, Authority, True Self and Not-Self.  More importantly, I can talk to you about what it means to stop pushing life, and to instead trust it to give you exactly what you’re here for. It’s not what you “think.”

Joan’s depth of knowledge, her intuition about what to share, and the way she conveys the information moves energy. It literally reconfigured my sense of Self. ~ Jewels Maloney

I Introduce you to These Key Aspects of your Design:

  1. Your aura Type (how you’re specifically designed to interact with the world)
  2. Your Authority (the place in your body that most accurately guides you towards the life you’re meant to live)
  3. Your Wisdom centers (what you are hear to learn about life, but not get distracted by in life)

“It’s been only one month since our meeting, but so many things have changed! I’m almost like another person, haha! Everyday a new discovery regards being a Reflector, it has been really nice. (though sometimes a little challenging, but that’s life) ~ M.N.

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I promise: no pressure. We’re here to explore. Right here, right now, your Authority guides our engagement. So does mine.

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