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 In a world where get-it-done now is the norm, I can only imagine what Emotionally defined humans (Generator, Projectors or Manifestors) must contend with when they first decide to experiment with “waiting through their wave” for clarity. However, I have witnessed the positive difference it can make when emotional beings give themselves the time they need to feel their way through a decision.

1. Spontaneity is detrimental to the emotional being.

The only way to get to know how things feel in your body, and to get to know the nature of your emotional wave, is to stop reacting with spontaneity to requests, invitations or opportunities. Yielding to pressure – imagined or otherwise – has the potential to create chaos around you and within you.

On the other hand, someone with emotional authority who has slowed down enough to ride his or her wave is a beautiful soul to be around. I hear the melody in their voices and feel the steadiness in their being.

If you cannot give yourself time to learn what your emotional wave – and emotional clarity – feels like, you’ll never really be able to envelop the true power that is you. The challenge, of course, is waiting long enough to get to a place in your decision-making process where “it just feels right.” That’s the best and the most you can do. Patience and time are your best friends.

2. Today’s “yes” could be tomorrow’s “oh crap.”

Even the simplest opportunities, such as meeting someone for coffee, can backfire. You might be feeling good about life, and super good about that person, yet find that you regret saying “yes” the next morning. “Maybe” could be your healthiest first reply.

Social invitations and simple purchase decisions can be good, relatively low risk ways to try out this new approach to making decisions. Here are some possible responses to  invitations or requests:

– That sounds good. Would it be OK with you if we check in again (tomorrow, in a couple of days, that morning)?

– You know, I’m not feeling very social right now, so I’m not sure. Can I call you in a couple of days (or can you call me, whichever feels best), and check then?

3. Anything or anyone that is not for you will go away.

You might wonder why this could be a good thing. It’s all about energy. Why give your energy to anyone or anything that can’t wait until you are clear? If, in the process, it or they disappear, perfect!

A friend with Solar Plexus authority, who has been engaged in Human Design for almost 20 years, said that she doesn’t always have to wait to know if she’s available. At this point she has a good sense of what she’s interested in and what she’s not, so for many things she can respond right away. When she doesn’t know, she just waits. Even in email. If someone writes and she doesn’t know if she’s interested, she might not reply at all. She just waits to know for herself. If the person or opportunity goes away, so be it.

4. You Might Just Get What You Need

One of my favorite clients is a Generator with Solar Plexus authority. He is learning that he can rely on his feelings about people and opportunities to guide his business decisions, and that taking his time has its rewards. I coached him through a 2-year process of finding the right employee for his firm, the 3rd member of his team. At times he doubted himself, worried he was being too picky. There were other times when he realized that the timing just wasn’t right, and he stopped looking for someone for a short while. After 2 years of waiting for the “right person” his efforts paid off. It’s been a year since he hired the 2nd person and he remains delighted with his hiring choice.

5. The potential for Satisfaction Increases Significantly (Success for the Projector or Peace for the Manifestor)

I may not have a defined Solar Plexus center but I am definitely familiar with the sense of joy when my response sends me in a direction that feels good and also surprises my mind. Satisfaction is my reward, as is the realization that I allowed my body to move me, and I can trust it. Powerful!

If you are worried about hurting people’s feelings, or being a pain, let it go! This is about YOU. If someone can’t wait, or is annoyed by what they perceive as your inability to commit, this is good! They either leave your life or they love/like you enough to allow you the time you need.

4 thoughts on “Emotional Authority | No Truth in the Now

  1. Adam Thompson says:

    Really informative article. I’m a 22 year old, male emotional generator. I’d love to know more about human design! How does it relate to IQ? I’ve switched my degree topic from Real Estate, to Philosophy and now to Mathematics! Sounds crazy right? You’d think someone good at maths would have a defined head or Anja centre. Anyway is it really just energy and is one able to transcend their design?
    Peace and Love

    • Joan says:

      Adam, thanks for sharing your experience of this piece, and a little something about what’s happening in your career life. I love how you’re not stuck in something just because you tried it out.

      Yeah, I understand why it seems someone good in math would have a defined Ajna center. When it’s not defined it’s not fixed in its processing power. It can operate in all sorts of ways.

      I smiled at your question about the ability to transcend one’s design. That right there is the dilemma of our world, people trying to change/compensate for/improve upon who they are (the not-self strategies).

      I’m going to propose that one’s design cannot be correlated to IQ, which is an assessment of pre-defined skills and knowledge on a written/multiple choice test, which is skewed anyway. I’m pretty sure those tests don’t account for neuro-diversity, for example. Or other cultures. Make sense?

      Human Design is first and foremost about how to navigate the world as yourself. Then you get to watch that movie unfold just like you did. “Huh, I started in this major, then I went to this one, etc.” Choiceless! By the way, I had 3-4 major interests myself in college.

      ~ Raven

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