Intro to Design Videos

If you don’t know much about Human Design, or you do and want to hear my voice and how I talk about it, these introductory videos are  a great pressure-free way to start. I love this information, and I love sharing it. I have had a few teachers, myself, and everyone has their unique style and perspective. This is a good way to get to know mine.

Do You Have a Copy of Your Human Design Chart?

If you don’t already have your Human Design chart, you’ll definitely want that. Here’s a link where you can get a copy of yours.  When you get your chart you’ll receive information about your Type, Strategy and Inner Authority.

How to Listen

Human Design is for the form, the body. And we’re humans so we use language. The language of Human Design is precise. It offers a new context and has the potential to interrupt “old” thought patterns and paradigms. This short video provides the context for engaging with this information. The main thing? Believe nothing!!! Take it in and if it calls to you, start playing with it and see if and how it works – or doesn’t work – in you.

Inner Authority

Inner authority is the key to navigating the every day (and big) decisions in life. When I say decisions, I mean everything from where you want to eat (yes, that mundane) to where you want to live and who you want to work or live with.

Once you can access the natural wisdom that lives in you, that “need” to go outside yourself for guidance for your life significantly diminishes. The pressures that create confusion often fall into the background. The bonus? The Mind gets to do its job, which is simply to research what you’re interested in, to communicate your unique perspective, and to watch your life unfold.

In this video I introduce you to the 7 possible authorities, and offer insight into how to start to tune in to yours.

Conditioning, What You’re Here to Learn About in Life

The Human Design body graph illuminates for us who you are here to be, what you are here to express, and the nature of the energy that you put out into the world. It also shows us where you are open in our design, and how that can affect you.

Human Design uses the words “Not-Self” and “Conditioning” to describe the forces that can take us off our path. You know those annoying behaviors and thoughts that run in the background? There’s an explanation for them!

Where we are open in our Design, we are receptive to outer influences. We can either attach ourselves to that energy, or let it flow through us. Sometimes we can leverage it. From my perspective, we’re ultimately talking about awareness. When you understand where you are open to conditioning, you become aware. Although there might be pressure, you’ll have the choice: act or not.