Knowing your Design is not the Same as Living It

A lot of people “think” they get it, but knowing your (Human) Design and living it are just not the same. This I have learned in spades, especially this last year.

Like most people, when I learned about Human Design – and mine specifically – I gobbled the information. I still love it – in that there is so much there that gives context to what is happening as I move through this experiment – but the information is not THE Thing. There are no short cuts on this path.

Truthfully, my life looks more chaotic than it used to. Very abyss-like feeling at times – not sure when and where I’ll land – peeking behind the veil of the hopes and dreams of a “normal” life that might not be mine any more.

There is no “I’ll just do this.” Like walking through fire, I have to experience everything along the path now. It doesn’t matter if it is pleasant or not. Each moment, each experience, every response, shows me what empowers and what does not, what engages my life force, and what snuffs it out. (6/2, pure generator, SELF-empowered or not, with a collective imperative.)

  • Would I go back? No.
  • Could I go back? No.
  • Can I talk about what is happening? Yes, like a passenger who gets geeky about the details.


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