Open Solar Plexus – Hiding my True Self

In a discussion about the “not-self” qualities of the open centers, the person leading my Living Your Design program mentioned that anyone with an Undefined Solar Plexus center is likely to hide some aspects of their truth from people so as not to have to confront the feared judgments or persecution from others. (She didn’t say this last part; they’re my words.)

I got this one locked down when I was a teenager – if not earlier – when it became apparent that my parents would not like to know what I was REALLY up to. This sounds typical of many teenagers, but I have to be honest and say that this self-preservation mechanism is alive and well today. It can seep into the simplest interactions if there’s any (perceived) threat that I’ll be judged or dismissed or completely rejected.

It is said that if you ask a Generator a yes/no question, and you hear a sacral response (like Ah-hunh, Unun or Mmmmm (meaning I don’t know) ) that you can trust this more than words. I’m not sure this is completely true, especially if there is a chance that said Generator – with an open Solar Plexus center – will have to confront something their mind doesn’t want them to.

I think my mind has gotten smart. If it smells danger it tempers my response. Even when someone successfully sneaks in a juicy question before my mind is engaged, if it threatens something I’m not ready to confront I either giggle or my body caves in on itself. In many ways this is more honest, as a response, than an “ah-hunh” that has a weak quality or sound to it.

Herein lies the brilliance of authority. There are times when it’s not “safe” or correct to tell your truth. So, I can mind-f myself all day long about this, or give myself a break and trust my body to know when I’m ready to confront whatever my mind fears. My MIND wants me to be different but what can I do?

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