Overview of Your Design

Meet Your Design, an Overview: 2 Meetings – $350

The first time we meet, we’ll meet for about an hour. I like to meet with you on Zoom (an online meeting platform) so that I can walk you through these 3 key elements in your design. You’ll receive an mp4 (video file) and mp3 versions of our  session so it’s always available for review.

Then, we’ll have a follow up session about a month later, give or take. This gives you an opportunity to test drive with what I share in the first meeting, to ask questions, and to report on your experience!

NOTE: In order to get a good read on this, you need to know your birth time (as precisely as possible), along with date and place.

Ongoing Support

I most enjoy staying empowering people who are inspired to integrate Human Design practices with the very practical issues associated with running a business, and living a healthy life. It can be helpful to have a touch stone because your mind will want to drag you back to what is familiar – and so will a lot of other people!

It starts with baby steps. Let’s take your life/business, as it is today, and see how Strategy and Authority can  align you to healthy practices that increase your experience of satisfaction and success.