Response connected to the Splenic center – 34-57 in Action

I love learning, I love refinement. And, for this reason, learning Human Design, how it works in others, and how it works in me, offers a seemingly infinite source of exploration and discovery about one my favorite topics, the mystery of human beings. Case in point…I have been aware since learning my design that my Sacral center ( and therefore my inner authority) is connected to the Splenic center. (34/57). I have been aware of the keynotes of that channel, too. Recenty, a new aspect of this was pointed out to me, and life helped me integrate the truth of it. Here’s what happened.

34-57 channel, Archetype of being HumanI was asked what it was like to have this channel, this link between the Sacral center (response in the now) and the Splenic center (instinct and intuition, survival in the now). I fumbled through my answer, partly because I had been mentally focused on my own question about the other activated gates in the Sacral center. What I said at the time is true; my energy is happy when I have something to focus on and can get absorbed in something that I enjoy doing.

However, when I  started really looking at my life, it  became clear that so much of my everyday response/movement IS about my comfort and welfare, the 34/57 in action.

This is what I shared…

The Foundation – Response on Behalf of my Welfare

Without much thought I move in and out of energy and environments fairly rapidly, especially if something or someone tweaks my sense of well-being. For example, I have a favorite coffee place to go to near where I live. I like the music, I like the noise level most days, I like the coffee, and I like the light in the place. The open G, she is comfortable there.

Life Illuminates

Most times I’ll find my place to sit and it is the place for the entire time. However, on days like today, if it’s not quite right, I’ll move around until it is. Today I started at one table and then realized I needed to plug in my laptop for the work I was doing. A guy noticed my need and invited me to share the table where he was sitting, so I moved. I was OK to try it out even though I knew it wasn’t ideal (my back was to the rest of the restaurant, not a comfortable position for me.)

Within 2 minutes a couple abandoned another table. I saw it had an outlet behind it, and that it was against the wall, so I moved tables again. No apology, just moved. When I sat down at the new table my body immediately relaxed…and I could focus on my work. If something had “disturbed the peace” before I was energetically done, I would have been out of there sooner.

Agitated, or relaxed? Like a cat, a perfectly fussy creature. This is how it works in my form.

Even though the 34/57 is a conscious activation, it took a focused question from the outside, enhanced by several years of growing self-awareness, to get the truth of that channel. Welfare first!

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