Response is Specific

A couple of months ago, after I finished crocheting a poncho for myself, a friend asked me if I would make one for her. She rarely asks for anything and I was happy to do it. She gave me the yarn and I got started. Around this time, she’d also said something about writing up and selling the pattern for the poncho in the store where she works. I thought, “OK,” but it was not really that important to me and I did not commit one way or the other.

About a week after I’d started working on it, I got a weird feeling, that she asked me to make it for her but she really wanted me to make it for the store to go with my pattern. Notice, I opened by saying that she rarely asks for things, so missing that cue is on me. Next time I went in I asked her about the request. She basically confirmed my suspicion and said, yes, it was for her AND for the store.

Sometimes it takes me a while to observe my own response. Let’s just say that this seeming manipulation of my energy did not go over well. I stopped working on the poncho for a few weeks and I haven’t finished it yet.

By being indirect with an intent to secure an outcome, 2 things happened:

  1. My enthusiasm for the project essentially disappeared.
  2. Trust and affinity was at least temporarily diminished.

Of course, nothing is for nothing. This experience showed me how finely tuned my response is.

When you ask a Generator for their our energy or a Projector for their insight, please be direct with your request. Using a bait and switch approach will backfire, either on us or on you, or both!

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