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Human Design GeneratorAbout 70% of human beings are Generators. Generators are said to be the natural workers of the world. Their aura is open and enveloping and they attract life to them. Notice I said “attract life to them.” What are most people doing? They are going after life! The Generator need not go after life, they are life.

The healthy “strategy” for the Generator is to “wait.” Wait for what? Wait for life to come your way. How is that possible, you might wonder? Nothing will happen! What if no one asks me to do anything, what if I “do nothing” and no one hires me? (Those were some of my first thoughts.)

The Sacral Generator’s authority (internal guidance system) is their response. Their response comes from their body, from their Sacral center. The sacral center often speaks in sounds: “Ah-hunh (yes), Unun (no) or Hmmmm (I don’t know.) Unfortunately, well meaning parents usually suppress this response in the Generator child, telling him or her to use their words instead, to be polite, etc.  As a result, Generator children, and therefore adults, lose touch with their innate response mechanism.

I am a Generator. I have learned that I do, in fact, make these sacral sounds. And, yet, my responses are not limited to those sounds. If my body says “no” and it is a hard no, I can now feel my sacral center close up and there is often no sound at all. A close friend says it feels like the air has been sucked out of the room. Sometimes my body just moves away or towards something or someone. The key here? The body responds, the body moves. And the mind? It watches and wonders what “we” are doing. Sometimes it giggles and sometimes it panics. Such is the mind.

Before I go on, it should be said that there are some nuances to the Generator. Some are purely sacral like I am, others are “emotional” and for them, the authority is different. I will write about that in another post. Another category of Generator is the Manifesting Generator. They have their own trip. Regardless, in all cases the Aura is the same, open and enveloping. And that is the key.


Human Design ProjectorAbout 20% of human beings are Projectors. The Projector form has been around for about 250 years. The Projector is a very special being. The deal for them is that they have a talent for “seeing” that none of the other types do. Their aura is like an arrow, in that their aura literally probes the essence of the other. They don’t carry life force which can be very difficult for them. Why? Surrounded by people who carry life force they are expected – and expect – to keep up. They can’t nor should they.

Like the Generator, the healthy strategy for the Projector is to “wait.” However, what they wait for is different than the Generator. Because their gift is their seeing, and a very precise seeing that depends on what they are designed for, Projectors need to “wait for the invitation.” It sounds a lot like waiting to respond, or even waiting to be asked, yet it’s not. Because their art is so precise, if someone does not want what they specifically have to offer, it blows back on them, and it blows back really hard. They literally absorb the energy of those around them and if someone does not truly want THEM, it is painful.

Most Projectors report feeling out of place on this planet, a bit like an alien. In many ways they are. Imagine being able to “see” and no one wanting to hear from you. If they are not “invited” to share their art, they meet rejection and they often walk away feeling deeply bitter, and don’t know why. I once watched as a Projector friend knowingly scolded a young girl for letting some trash fly off the table and leaving it there. It seemed like a harmless thing, yet we had to laugh when we watched the energy blow back on her. Uninvited input!

The focus that Projectors give to others is so juicy that many times people think they want what the Projector has to offer, but not really. It takes a while for Projectors to discern a true invitation from a “projected” invitation. The first step in this experiment is to be still, watch, and do your best to wait for others to approach you. You might feel invisible, but you can trust that your attention and interest is speaking even when you are not.

If you find yourself curious and want to see if you are either one of these types, here’s a link to get a free chart on Jovian Archive, the home of the original source information.

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