Make up your Mind? Maybe Not

I wasn’t sure what to call this one. It started with a reflection: Make up Your Mind? No one ever says “Make up your Body.”

In this short video I talk about what the real issue is, and suggest a better place to go for decisions in your life, your body.

If you often feel pressure to “just make up your mind” or have pressured someone else to do the same, maybe, just maybe, it’s not the best approach. You might want to watch this…

What is Human Design and how Do I Use It?

A couple of people recently asked me how I use Human Design in my own life, and to describe in more detail what this is. I can’t easily answer these questions because they are unanswerable within the framework that most people ask. I don’t use Human Design to get what I want, or what I think I want. At this point I have only 2 goals:

  1. To do my best to wait for life to come my way, using my body’s authority as a Generator to guide my movement.
  2. To “keep still” in the face of the madness my mind throws at me to get me to do otherwise.

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Sacral Questions for Emotional Generators?

Many of my business clients have been emotionally defined generators (Most are manifesting generators, too. Surprise, surprise!) Yes/no questions won’t give you the same level of certainty as they can for pure sacral generators. However, I have heard emotionally defined generators respond to yes/no questions, and the sounds are beautiful, almost melodic.

Can you benefit from yes/no questions?

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