The Open G Center Giving me Grief

Open G Center Human DesignThe Open G got a huge rattling these past couple of months once I SAW the degree to which my life has been oriented towards “the other.” Love and direction. Hahaha.

The affects of the conditioning feels more devastating – for me – than the undefined Ego (it’s like a little annoying gnat in comparison). ALL of the initial conditioning, that which had me latch onto people and suffer tremendously when they rejected me, starts with the Open G. And, guess what…all these people, the ones I can track, they have a defined G.

I am beginning to detect that I am here to experience or enjoy other people’s trips, but I am not here to be ON their trip, of if I am, I am not designed to stick around forever. What’s more, to realize that people are not my first priority, place is, well that’s mind boggling for someone who has been all about the other. I may have to remind myself of this for the rest of my life.

The feeling in my G center was literally suffocating me. Even now I can’t breathe very well when the fear of absolute nothingness comes to call. It is loudest when I am alone in my home in the evenings with “nothing to do and no one to play with.”

I suspect that as I continue with this process and sit more squarely in my Power, that the undefined Solar Plexus  center will be the next to contend with. There the conditioning was the exact opposite…you are here to please US. And in response? Get me out of here!

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