What is Human Design and how Do I Use It?

A couple of people recently asked me how I use Human Design in my own life, and to describe in more detail what this is. I can’t easily answer these questions because they are unanswerable within the framework that most people ask. I don’t use Human Design to get what I want, or what I think I want. At this point I have only 2 goals:

  1. To do my best to wait for life to come my way, using my body’s authority as a Generator to guide my movement.
  2. To “keep still” in the face of the madness my mind throws at me to get me to do otherwise.

After 6 years of exploration, experimentation and study, I think it fair to say that I’ve made the shift. At the same time, it would be foolish to think that my mind has no influence on my movement. But it does have less AND I’m aware of what it says to me! And, that, I suspect, is the whole story.

  • Experiment with the mechanics of your aura type
  • Get to know the unique nature of your authority
  • Develop enough awareness of the mental chatter that has run your life so that it runs it a lot less

Then observe what life is once you are able to get your mental ass to stop running the show so that your body, your form, becomes the authority in YOUR life. It could be an interesting movie!

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