Why Human Design

It is becoming increasingly important to get squared away with yourself

Trying to fit in since we were children, taught by well-meaning teachers and parents about how to act and behave and think, most of us are living a compromised life. If that weren’t enough, to be truly unique, to have a “different” view of things, is scary. We crave it yet we fear it. Nonetheless, if we can’t be ourselves the world doesn’t get our genius and we end up suffering.

Being different from the other, you bring something new, something special that no one else can provide. When you try to be something that you are not, your true nature does not get to express itself. Your light does not get to shine and the world does not get to experience the benefits of what you truly have to offer. This can make life very painful and uncomfortable. It need not be this way.

Human Design is a tool that shows you how your mind and body are meant to run properly so that you’re better able to operate in alignment with your True Nature, and live out Your Uniqueness.  Your Human Design chart shows you, very specifically, how to make healthy decisions for your movement and actions each and every day. This is where it starts.

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